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Our Mission

David Brennan and Sue Elms are two of the biggest names in the industry, working at the leading edge of insight for major media and marketing organisations. They have partnered to launch an independent management consultancy dedicated to helping you unleash the full potential of insight to drive business advantage.   BE brilliant!

We've walked in your shoes

We have lived your pressure to perform, deliver and impress. And we get your budget constraints.  Let us help you bring the consumer to the heart of your business: 

  • Innovate – embrace change and create breakthrough insight
  • Integrate – make insight more central to business decisions
  • Communicate – make insight stick with stakeholders

BEing useful


We can offer additional strategic brainpower to help evaluate what you have, embrace new approaches and have more impact. 


We can help you experiment and build new approaches and methods; incubate new designs, solve challenges, activate and scale.

Design and Tech.

We bridge the worlds of research tech and insight design to deliver more efficient and effective solutions direct to you.


We can help bring teams and resources together to deliver insights that are integrated, engaging and persuasive.    


We can help you stay ahead of the game, deliver and communicate breakthrough insights, to the delight of your stakeholders


BE Human

We believe insight should always be about real people with 360 degree lives. A healthy people obsession creates the lens to cut through the noise and confusion of data signals. We help you deliver Insight with people in mind. 

BE Holistic

We believe a holistic approach to research will provide you the best results. Different data sources, different partners covering analogue and digital; Stage 1 and Stage 2 thinking; old and new consumer behaviours, research methodologies and technologies; big data analytics and smart insight. 

BE Hyper-relevant

Insight is too often seen as a nice-to-have or peripheral to key decision making. We believe insight can be designed to add focus to the business and to have greater relevance to the decision-making process.

The right choice. BEcause:

We're multidisciplinary

We've worked across all research and data disciplines and we know it takes all of them, plus general human intelligence, to get closer to the real person in a way that drives your advantage.

We're analogue AND digital

We are massive fans of the digital world we live in but strongly believe that most people are analogue in nature.  We look for the insights and outcomes that go beyond digital and into the attitudes, perceptions and behaviours that reflect people in a complete sense.

We're independent AND connected

We work with many partners and are always out and about exploring new ones.  But we are not tied to any specific data, panel or research agency supplier.  We want to be portable, agile and ensure the best is always at your fingertips.

We've a proven track record of success

Award winning work, established innovators with strong reputations in the industry and - most importantly - delivering significant financial ROI throughout our careers.

Brennan and Elms

David Brennan

A prestigious career in media research, marketing, strategy and content development.  Award wins for solutions, digital services and marketing campaigns. Passionate about how digital tech has transformed insight into a deeper understanding of the wonderful, complex, analogue thoughts, ideas and behaviours of human beings.

Sue Elms

Significant experience operating at the leading edge of brand and communications insight, evaluation, research, data and tech. Holding executive level positions developing, deploying and marketing solutions in the UK and globally. Passionate about making insight integral to business decisions and commercial success.  

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